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WI ranks 2nd in the nation in ACT scores last year, why do we need CCSS...


Parent/Community Action Plan...​

Teachers are falling out of love with common core...great read...​

Smarter Balanced assessments start next year in WI....​ 

Good Stuff...Letters from Paul Farrow and Leah Vukmir to Tony Evers...

Find your representative.... and call or write, it does make a difference...​

Freedom Project, informative video's and WI testimony...

Data outcry hits Wisconsin...bought time...

Scott Walker joins CCSS War...Thank him and let him know we need his support...

Tony Evers...I am above the law...

Letter sent by chief state school officers to Sec Duncan about control of data. Dr Tony Evers is a signer.

WI legislators get to own CCSS now...

Add these numbers to your cell phone contacts and always be ready to call...

Rep Kestell (Chair) (R)(608) 266-8530
Rep Jagler (Vice Chair) (R) (608) 266-9650
Rep Nass (R) (608) 266-5715
Rep Pridemore (R) (608) 267-2367
Rep Marklein (R) (608) 266-7502
Rep Thiesfeldt (R) (608) 266-3156
Rep Rodriquez (R) (608) 266-0610
Rep Pope (D) (608) 266-3520
Rep Clark (D) (608) 266-7746
Rep Wright (D) (608) 266-0654
Rep Hesselbein (D) (608) 266-5340


Senator Olsen (Chair) (R) (608) 266-0751
Senator Farrow (Vice-Chair) (R) (608) 266-9174
Senator Darling (R) (608) 266-5830
Senator Vukmir (R) (608) 266-2512
Senator Gudex (R) (608) 266-5300
Senator Lehman (D) (608) 266-1832
Senator Cullen (D) (608) 266-2253
Senator Harris (D) (608) 266-2500
Senator Vinehout (D) (608) 266-8546