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Germantown School Board  

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                                       Why I Serve...

The reasons I am serving are many, however my number one concern is the future of education for the children of the district.  I am not part of any special interest group or tied to a political ideology.  As a board member,I will have all stake holders in my best interest.  I understand the challenges that are faced by teachers each day, as well as understand the importance of a great education for the future of our community at both a local and national levels.  As a taxpayer, homeowner, and rental property owner, I also understand the importance of spending taxpayer money responsibly.  There needs to be a balance between spending money wisely while maintaining an exceptional level of academics for our students.  Having a great school system is also important to maintain property values.  I understand the role of school board is to set a strategic vision for the district as a whole, and I believe I am the right person to help guide that vision.

I would describe myself as a constitutional conservative, I believe in smaller, more effective, efficient government, and fiscal responsibility in all areas of government.  I believe the role of government is, first and foremost, to protect and preserve the individual’s unalienable rights.  I support Governor Scott Walker and believe that ACT 10 was a step in the right direction. I believe I have the ability to think strategically and solve difficult problems, should they arise.  I feel I am uniquely qualified because all of my life experiences have given me perspective to always strive to do what is right. My guiding principle as a school board member will be, “what is in the best, long term interest of all the students in the district while keeping all stakeholders in mind.” 

I will continue to be a voice of reason on the school board.  I will make logical decisions based on facts and not feel good ideology. 

I have a background in construction, inventory control, management, loss prevention, leadership roles in volunteer organizations, and fundraising, this experience has allowed me to lead others and we have been able to accomplish amazing results in a short amount of time.  I am a critical thinker that comes up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

I will be able to develop a collaborative partnership with the administration in developing a strategic vision through my leadership.  Student achievement will be my number one focus for developing a strategic vision.

I feel currently our most underutilized resource is our community.  I will find ways to use the community to fill the gap…change the paradigm…schools need to be a bigger focus in our community…the center of our community…by;

  • Involving more Businesses
  • Tapping Alumni resources
  • Parents - Grandparents
  • Community leaders and organizations